Pickups in Elan I, II, III

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Pickups in Elan I, II, III

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The Elan Info pages say about the Elan I and II pickups:
"dual humbuckers (made at the Fujigen plant especially for the Elan, they're not Dimarzios)"
and for the Elan III it says:
"The difference with the Elan (I) is that it has a Dimarzio humbucker-single-humbucker pickup configuration"

But there in the schematic/manuals part of this site, there are PDFs for all three Elans that lists part numbers for the pickups. Each lists a front and rear humbucker with the same part numbers (035137 front, 035138 rear) on all 3 models. The Elan III lists the single coil as well (035130).

So what is it? Are the Elan I and II pickups really just Dimarzios? And if yes, what model? Or custom?

Do the wire colors give anything away? Do Dimarzio 4 wire humbuckers use Blue/black/yellow/red wires? The wire colors shown in the schematics for all 3 models are all those same 4 colors.

As an aside, way back in the day, I played an Elan in a music store and the pickups really sounded great to me. So I ordered a set from Fender for a guitar I was building at the time and they sent them. I have no details from that early 90s transaction, so I can't say what I received.

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