Looking to buy a Talon II model

Anything about the various Talon model guitars
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Looking to buy a Talon II model

Post by mkmiett »

Hi guys! First time posting. Nice to see activity here even though Heartfield guitars haven't been made in a long time.

I've been looking for a Talon II model, specifically a Midnight Blue one with the branding 'Heartfield' or 'Heartfield by Fender'. I fell in love with this guitar after watching a video of a young Buckethead shred the hell out of one of these. I've wanted one ever since! :D preferred if the guitar is as much in stock condition as possible.

I realise it is a long shot to get one of these, but after many years of searching online I figured this forum would be my best chance at getting one. Thanks for reading, cheers!
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Re: Looking to buy a Talon II model

Post by Richard »

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll find one. If I were you I'd also leave a saved search on eBay, where they pop up with some regularity.
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