To repair it or not

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To repair it or not

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I have a Fender Heartfield RR9. The internal anchor for the output jack has been out of place for a while, which allows for the output jack to wiggle and turn. I have no idea how this anchor became dislodged. Recently, one of the wires running from the output jack to the circuit board has separated.

I am an American living in Italy. If I were back in the States I have a fairly good idea for different options to explore for repair. Here though, I am a bit befuddled. If I decided to do repair here, I am not sure where I would take the guitar. I am not sure what level of expertise is required to do this type of repair. Also, I am a bit concerned about being fleeced.

To boot, the third button that runs the distortion doesn’t really seem to work anymore. I guess that is something else I would want to see about having repaired if possible.

I am about to move back to the States within the year. Economically, I am not in the best place. I am not sure if it is worth it to bring the guitar back with me. I already have a lot of things that I have to ship back. The cost of shipping the guitar may be more than the guitar is worth. I’m not sure.

I like the guitar. It has a bit of sentimental value, but I am fine with departing with the guitar if necessary. I don’t know what I would sell the guitar for considering the current condition. I don’t know what is a fair price.

I’d like your thoughts on what I should do. Should I try to get the guitar repaired here in Italy? Should I try to contact Fender and ask them for advice? Should I just try to sell the guitar as is? Should I hold on to the guitar and get it repaired back in the States?
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Re: To repair it or not

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I suggest you bring it back to the states and get it repaired. These are special guitars. Every one of them.
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