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Anything about DR and DRC model basses
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DR Bass

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Hello all. let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Kelly and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...(home of BTO, the Guess Who and the Crash Test Dummies). I have been playing pro here for 45 years now. I recently bought and fell in love with my Heartfield DR. I have never seen or heard of the brand before and was very pleased to look thru your spreadsheet detailing the known histories of the instruments listed. I was more surprised when I DIDN'T find my guitar listed. By your reckoning,the serial number (A91003) identifies my bass as a '91. I would appreciate any other info that you might have regarding it's history. Thanks in advance. -PK

ps: I have pics but couldn't attach them
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Re: DR Bass

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Welcome to the forum! If you want to attach pics, please follow the instructions in the "General" section about posting pics in the forum.
We can't tell you more about your bass history other than that it was made in January 1991. If you reveal whether it's a DR or a DR-C I can tell you where it was made.
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