Major site update - finally!

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Major site update - finally!

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In January 2015 I did a bit of a major update...but in retrospect I'd consider it "virtually minor". I guess the last truly mayor(-ish) update was February 2014. But today I rounded off a truly major update!

Fixed typos on the EX3 and RR7 pages, fixed layout mistake on the Elan II page, changed all external links to https (they have probably no longer worked since the May 2018 update), extended the Advertisements section with more Japanese-style Heartfield materials, added info to the EX1 page, added a page for the newly discovered FTB bass, split various guitar types into their own galleries (RR6/RR7/RR58/RR59 and Talon JIIID), added a new manual (also mentioning the FTB), moved Heartfield clothing to "Accessories" (from "Adverts"). Sorted the Prophecy pages more consistently. Corrected the Japanese colour code descriptions on the Elan pages.
Added Talon II H10944; Talon IIIR L10390; Talon JIIID J10165; Talon IV K10053; DR-4 E88001; DR-6C C89001, C90507, K90551, B91992, B91997, E91756 and G91812; Prophecy II B10360; Elan I A91155, A91195, G91829, J91888 and a Violet Blue Sunburst one (unknown serial, alas); Elan II C91749, D91829, D91832, J91908, K90027 and K91706; Elan III D91800; EX-2 I89525; RR6-like C88029; RR6 Japan type K90338 & J90399; RR7-like guitar with unknown serial; two FTB basses with unknown serial numbers; a very special instrument HE91003; a possible brother of the EX-2 prototype H88018.
Updated the serial numbers database and accompanying instrument history data: Current total is 1669 instruments with 4313 events. There are a total of 324 instruments in the galleries.

Check it out! And while you're on it, check if your Heartfields' info is still up-to-date :P
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