DR-6 for sale in the Netherlands

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DR-6 for sale in the Netherlands

Post by Richard »

I am throwing it on eBay in a minute, but I have a black DR-6 (3-layer neck, bolt-on, no serial number on the back of the headstock) for sale, in good shape, with strings that have been on there for about six months. I am not a gigging musician so the strings still function quite well (they're Elixir Nanoweb). You'll get a pretty banged up Heartfield-branded case with it.
I live in Gouda, the Netherlands, so you can just come and get it. Good thing: I don't want you to pay heaps for it, so just make an offer based on the eBay pictures. Bad thing: I need you to buy it without having to unpack it, because it took quite a bit of work to package it ;-)
I am quite willing to ship nationally (which will cost € 15) or even internationally (plz contact me with your preferred carrier specs and I will find out what that costs).

Here's the eBay auction link: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/115775384162
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