Talon IV NGD

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Talon IV NGD

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I finally found a Talon IV to go with my Talon V.
It was for sale within 10 miles of me, and was browsing FB marketplace and happened across it..
Purchased it yesterday.

Has the original fender hard shell case

The pickups seem like brand new, no wear on the DiMarzio logo's

Some fine scratches on the pick guard as to be expected, but not been played much.

I'm not sure what the 2-way switch is, it seems to do nothing, I'll have to open it up and investigate.
Needs a fret polish, New .12 strings, a new pin for the trem bar.
it has 4 springs installed I'm guessing to lock it down better. I'll be removing 1 for sure.
The bridge was ghetto locked with tape, wood and a penny. I'll get that sorted as well.
Not sure if the white pickup selector switch is original or not.
It's in really good shape especially compared to my V which I played for many years.

The previous owner said it just sat in the case for years.

Here's a link to the image in super high resolution 6000x3368

Couldn't access my original account "mr_scary" So I created a new one.
I always have problems logging in here for some reason.

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