EX-2 like

Sometimes, Heartfield-related instruments will appear that are either none, or sometimes several, of the existing models - these one-offs or prototypes can be discussed here
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EX-2 like

Post by Richard »

eBay has one of those super weird and weirdly sexy EX2-like guitars on auction. Not really cheap, but hey...


It also includes paperware. It looks like this is in fact an axe built in 1988, some of the very first Heartfield instruments, pre-dating the regular EX guitars (or any others for that matter!). And it looks official. The auction calls it a EX DX. There's a Japanese leaflet as well. Maybe someone who speaks Japanese can determine what it says?

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Re: EX-2 like

Post by Heartfielder »

Looks like it sold.

This looks like the prototype for the elusive EX3. Different switches.

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