The Talon JIIID is a for-sale-in-Japan version of the Talon III that actually looks more like a Talon IV. It has a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard with sharkfin inlays, 24 frets (other Talon III types have 22), two DiMarzio humbuckers (bridge and neck position) and one Fender single coil pickup (mid position). Ultra slim "U" shape neck radius is 17" (431.8 mm). Whereas other Talon III types and the Talon IV have Floyd Rose Pro tremolos, the JIIID's is a Floyd Rose Original. You could call it a Talon IV with a different tremolo, which it basically is, but it was specifically mentioned in a Japanese catalogue (see that section of the site) as a Talon JIIID.
Talons with a Kahler-labelled tremolo had no screws all through the neck at the nut, and no string retention bar. Other tremolos did.
It used to sell at 95,000 Yen. The "D" in the name might be for "domestic".

Heartfield colour codes available for this guitar: Black (506 - available from late 1991), Montego Black (564), Midnight Blue (573), Chrome Red (574), Frost Red (577) and Mystic White (589).

First and last documented month of manufacture: October 1991 (serial number J10165, see guitar below).

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Type: Talon JIIID
Serial #: J10165
Remarks: Note the Floyd Rose Original tremolo, and 24 frets.
Above photo credits: The owner, Austin Hutchison.


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