Very occasionally, a Heartfield-related guitar may surface that does not fall within the regular model classification. These models will be featured here. They might be one-offs or any non-production model.

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Type: RR6-like
Serial #: C88029
Remarks: A guitar that is very similar to A88003, below, but now with no tremolo.
Above photo credits: The owner, Christopher Louck.

Type: RR7-like
Serial #: A88003
Remarks: This guitar looks like a US-type RR6 with a slightly different control layout and a tremolo so might be some sort of RR7. John Simmons found the picture on his never-ending quest for anything Heartfield-related. Incidentally, this actual guitar is the earliest Heartfield-related instrument known.
Above photo credits: The owner, a Japanese guy who put it on his website but never replied to questions nor to a permission-for-use request :-(

Type: 1988 RR7-like
Serial #: C88019
Remarks: This definitely seems like an RR7. When Paul removed the neck, it revealed an RR9 stamp with an RR7 stamp across it. The colour is Blue Sparkle, and the unique thing is that the headstock is Blue Sparkle too (instead of the usual Black). Also, now we see the back of the guitar for the first time, it can be noted that the chrome battery cover is like that of the EX Prototype and that there is a smaller rear control cover unlike any RR model. It is now also more readily seen that the pickguard and headstock have a different shape than the other models. It may be a prototype.
Above photo credits: The owner, Paul S. Abrams.

Type: RR7-like
Serial #: Unknown.
Remarks: Looks about identical to the RR7-like guitar, above, but quality of both pictures is not good enough to be certain.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction.

Type: 1988 RR9-like Prototype
Serial #: X88017 (X for Xperimental)
Remarks: A very unusual RR9-type axe. Sperzel tuners, different battery location and battery cover, unusual colour (an Ibanez Maxxas colour), colour-matching headstock, different trem setter. Month of production is unknown.
Above photo credits: The owner, Paul S. Abrams.

Type: 1988 EX-2-like
Serial #: H88015
Remarks: Very similar guitar to the one below.
Click here for a detail shot of the rear battery and controls cavity cover, here for the neck attachment, here for the neck attachment with the little plate removed (quite a different attachment type!), here for the insides of the control cavity, here for a detail of the neck, here for the body in more detail, here for a side view of the neck attachment, here for the headstock and here for the entire axe from the rear.
Above photo credits: Found on a Japanese auction site by Kosei Fukuoka, later photo added by the owner Max Jadeite after it had been restored with pickups (right picture).

Type: 1988 EX-2-like
Serial #: H88018
Remarks: Another unique guitar. Main differences with regular EX-2 instruments are the presence of mini switches instead of a 3/5-way switch, the fact that the pickups are not covered, and that there is a mini switch between the main controls.
Click here for a collage of more pictures of this instrument. Further individual pictures can be found here, here, here and here. A very rare axe, found by the owner at a yard sale for 150 bucks...
Above photo credits: The owner, Andre Burgos.

Type: EX-2-like (year unknown)
Serial #: Not applicable
Remarks: A very rare guitar, this one, almost certainly a prototype.
Click here for a detail of the neck joint
Click here for a detail of the headstock
Click here for a detail of the bridge and electronics
Click here for a detail of the battery cover
Click here for the back (the covers are wood, apparently)
Click here for a detail of the tuners
(these detail pictures were all made by the then owner, Ed Pitcher)
Above photo credits: The owner, John Simmons.

Type: 1991 AG-1 "The Prophet"
Serial #: A10427
Remarks: This guitar was discovered in March 2005 by Heartfield Forum member Paul S. Abrams. It is a very interesting combination of other Heartfield instruments with figured maple top, 2 Hot Rail Style Pickups, 1 Heartfield Humbucker, ash rear, Bolt-on Neck and Floyd Rose Pro Tremolo. The headstock is like an RR9 or RR59, the black Floyd Rose Pro tremolo like on the high-up Talons, black Gotoh tuners like on EX/Talon, and the body is like a Prophecy bass!
Click here for a detail of the headstock
Click here for a detail of the body and pickups
It was officially named "AG-1" for Advanced Guitar 1 (1 = the first and only one produced). It was designed and created for Fender as an entirely new guitar type.
Above photo credits: The owner, Paul S. Abrams.


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