RR6 - Japanese Type



There are two different guitars, both referred to as RR6. One was intended for export (the "US type") and one for domestic sale (the "Japanese type"). Both models, obviously, were produced in Japan.
The for-sale-in-Japan (Japanese) model differs in that it has a regular (instead of mini) switch, like a Strat's. Also, it has an additional single coil pickup at the neck.
'RR', incidentally, stands for 'Rock and Roll'.

For different promo pictures from the US and Japan, check out the "Adverts" section.

It used to sell for $650 (55,000 Yen).

Heartfield colour codes for the Japanese guitars: BLK (Black), RED (Red), LPB (Lake Placid Blue) and RYL (Revolution Yellow).

First documented month of manufacture: October 1990 (serial number J90399, see guitar below). Last documented month of manufacture: November 1990 (serial number K90342, not pictured on this site).

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Type: Japan-type RR6
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: None

Type: 1990 Japan-type RR6
Serial #: J90399
Remarks: The colour is Lake Placid Blue.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction

Type: 1990 Japan-type RR6
Serial #: K90338
Remarks: The colour is Red.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction


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