RR6 US Type



There are two different guitars, both referred to as RR6. One was intended for export (the "US type") and one for domestic sale (the "Japanese type").
The made-for-export (US) model has an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, a single Dimarzio humbucker, 22 frets and a fixed bridge with string-through-body design. It has a tone (nearest the output jack) and volume (nearest the pickup) control and a mini switch, and a 628 mm scale.
'RR', incidentally, stands for 'Rock and Roll'.

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It used to sell for $650 (55,000 Yen).

Heartfield part number: 031-0800.

Heartfield colour codes available for the US guitars: Frost White (755), Montego Black (767), Frost Red (777) and Electric Blue (787).

First documented month of manufacture: March 1988 (serial number C88029, not pictured on the site). Last documented month of manufacture: December 1989 (serial number L89238, see guitar below). It never appeared in Fender Frontline magazine, and has so far only been spotted in a 1990 Japanese Heartfield Catalogue.

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Type: 1989 US-type RR6
Serial #: L89238
Remarks: The colour is Electric Blue. Unfortunately, the tuning machines are no longer the original Gotohs but Sperzel locking tuners instead.
Above photo credits: The owner, John Simmons


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