There are two different guitars, both referred to as RR6. One was intended for export (the "US type") and one for domestic sale (the "Japanese type").
The for-sale-in-Japan (Japanese) version looks rather like an RR6 (including an RR-6 style pickguard), however it is distinguished by a set neck, an extra single coil pickup near the neck and an extra 10db boost circuit push button (with a LED). It has a 324 mm neck radius.

Heartfield colour codes available according to a 1990 Japanese catalogue were TPR (a kind of red, official name unknown to the webmaster) and LM (a kind of yellow, official name unknown to the webmaster).

First and last documented month of manufacture: September 1990 (serial number I905xx, see guitar below).

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Type: 1990 Japan-type RR58
Serial #: I905xx
Remarks: The colour is Honey Blond.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction.


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