You have a DR-x!

(Fill in your number of strings on the "x")


Please take some time to register your bass in the Heartfield Guitars Serial numbers database by sending an email to the maintainer of these pages, Richard Karsmakers.

In your email, please feel free to answer the following questions:

1) What is the colour? (official colours are Mystic White / Blue Pearl Burst / Black Pearl Burst / Red Pearl Burst)
2) What is the branding info on the headstock? (Fender / Heartfield / Heartfield with a small "by Fender")
3) What is the serial number?
4) In which country do you live?
5) Are you perhaps the original owner?
6) If not, who did you get it from? (name and country of residence is enough)
7) When did you buy it? (year would be cool, month would be perfect)
8) Do you know of any modifications that have been performed?
9) Does it have one or two truss rods?
10) Is it fretless?
11) Does it have gold-plated hardware?
12) How many frets does it have? (22 or 24)
13) Oh many strings does it have?

Thank you.